UK Learns provides access to some of the world’s best quality, certified courses that employers value

UK Learns

Created by Pearson, UK Learns provides a carefully curated selection of online courses to help the UK workforce learn new skills and earn qualifications or accreditations that could open up better job and career opportunities. At a time you may need it most, many are free of charge, some for a limited period. You’ll find unparalleled depth and breadth – with new courses and functionality added every day.

Existing courses from Pearson include BTECs, Pearson English, Pearson Advance. In addition partner courses are available from Open University (OpenLearn), School of Marketing, the National Extension College, and FutureLearn.

Most courses at launch will require fewer than 20 hours of learning and they cover the full spectrum of industry sectors from data science or programming to entrepreneurship. The full range of sectors include accountancy and finance, business and management, childcare, creative arts and design, engineering and manufacturing, environment and agriculture healthcare and social care, hospitality and events management, information technology, leisure, sport and tourism, marketing, advertising and PR, property and construction, recruitment and HR, sales, science and pharmaceuticals, social care, teacher training and education, and transport and logistics.

The offer also includes a broad range of cross-sector softer skills such as building resilience, communication skills as well as digital literacy.

All courses are certified and the more advanced programmes of study lead to externally verified examinations (that are fee paying).

UK Learns also offers access to ‘Motiva Individual’ for the first time in the UK. Designed by Pearson’s clinical psychology team, Motiva offers personalised career coaching and planning to help users work out what career options they may wish to follow in the future and if they have the skills they might need to progress in a chosen career.

Further information is available here.

Last updated: 21/05/20