The government has published a wide range of advice packs for businesses and individuals in preparation for the UK exiting the EU. They have also published a range of guidance for businesses in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit.

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The “Preparing for EU Exit” website is the central site for guidance aimed at businesses and individuals.

Government has also developed a tool specifically for businesses to help them prepare for EU Exit.

It asks businesses seven questions across key business operation areas that will be impacted, from which it pulls together guidance from across government relating to their circumstances.

As part of the 'no-deal' preparation process, the government has also prepared a ‘Partnership Pack’ with information designed to help businesses with their own contingency planning, as well as the customers and clients of business advice services.

The government has created an online tool for businesses to find the latest information on preparing for an EU Exit, how they will be affected, and the actions they can take to prepare. Businesses can access the tool here and sign up to receive customised alerts. New information will be published over the coming weeks so businesses should continue to check in on a regular basis.