Covid-19 business Support  toolkit

The government has launched a new phase of the Business Support campaign to help businesses across the UK meet the unprecedented challenge the country is facing in dealing with coronavirus (COVID-19).

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This toolkit is designed to help businesses and their employees have access to a package of measures through this period of unprecedented disruption. This will help you to reach businesses across Dorset and the UK to urgently raise awareness of the new coronavirus government business support available. There's information for social media, scripts for newsletters and other communications materials. 

Last updated: 24 April 2020

COVID-19 business support messages

The links in the bullet points below are pieces of content provided by the government that you are welcome to use as part of a newsletter, blog post or staff communications.

You can choose whether longer or shorter copy is suited to your audiences and picture content can be lifted from the social media section of the toolkit in the accordion below.

Please note that the clickable links in the above attached documents are for online content only. The government is tracking links to help improve their understanding of which messages are resonating with your audiences, and to improve the campaign's messaging and targeting as it progresses.

If you wish to use a link as part of a hard copy story, please use

For your social media


Please use the below messaging in your social media messaging. Images and videos to accompany your social media posts can also be downloaded below.

The Government has announced measures to increase the support available to businesses and workers during #coronavirus. This includes unlimited loans and guarantees to help manage staff wages and cashflow. For more information, visit our website

Hashtags & tags

Please use the following hashtags in your social media posts: #coronavirus #COVID19.

Please tag the following accounts in your tweets if possible:

@bizsupportgovuk @beisgovuk

Images to share: