The Dorset Innovation Park Enterprise Zone covers 56 hectares of designated employment land. Dorset Innovation Park’s aim is to stimulate business growth by being a catalyst for enhanced economic growth through the creation of highly skilled jobs, the unblocking of employment land, and the encouragement of investment into the area. The Enterprise Zone will provide businesses with financial incentives in the first five years’ of occupation, if that occupation commences before 31 March 2022, and simplified planning to assist with development.

To achieve this our Enterprise Zone Committee (previously called Dorset Innovation Park Enterprise Zone Management Board) has the following strategic objectives for the Enterprise Zone:

  • To grow an advanced engineering and manufacturing cluster of excellence that builds upon existing strengths in marine, defence and energy in the area
  • To generate over £22m of retained business rates to be invested in improving the site and economic development in Dorset over the next 25 years
  • To create over 1,500 new jobs and attract dozens of new businesses to the area
  • To strengthen links to other hubs of advanced engineering in neighbouring local enterprise partnership areas
  • To make the Dorset Innovation Park Enterprise Zone a thriving and successful place where businesses can achieve their potential
  • To become an exemplar development of the first fully decommissioned nuclear site in the United Kingdom.