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Established in 2011, Dorset LEP is a private sector-led organisation responsible for speaking on behalf of businesses, championing important issues with government, securing funding and investment for the region and ultimately driving the economic growth of Dorset.

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Who are Dorset LEP? Find out who sits on our Dorset LEP Board and within the Dorset LEP Team.

We work in partnership with businesses, local government, education institutes and other industry and community organisations to drive economic growth, attract funding and investment, increase productivity and develop local industrial strategies for Dorset.

Get to know our Local Growth Fund projects in our project grid.

By the end of March 2017, a total of £34.4 million was spent across 16 projects in the local economy, delivering 1,164 new jobs, 367 new homes and £254.3 million of additional local investment for Dorset. The funding also helped to train 1,882 students and apprentices.

You can also find our Growing Places Fund projects within our project grid, a short-term repayable loans fund of £9.7 million to kick-start economic development projects across Dorset.

Read our new proposed Local Industrial Strategy for Dorset, to be launched in January 2020.

In December 2018, the Government asked Dorset LEP to help deliver the national Industrial Strategy by developing a Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) for Dorset. Working in close collaboration with local businesses, organisations, BCP Council and Dorset Council, Dorset’s LIS will be a twenty-year plan to increase productivity, innovation, earnings and wellbeing across the county, delivering on an ambition to create a local economy that is sustainable, innovative, resilient and inclusive.

Learn about our Dorset Ambassadors Programme, powered by Dorset Gateway.

Dorset is home to a wealth of sector-leading, national and international businesses, many of whom are headquartered here.

Access the support your business needs via our Dorset Gateway, here to help local business grow.

The success of your business is essential to both Dorset and the wider UK economy. Dorset LEP funds, supports and facilitates a number of initiatives to help local businesses grow.

Use our Enterprise Advisor Network, created to make lasting connections between local business, schools and colleges.

The network is intended to inspire and motivate young people, including those with Special Education Needs and Disabilities, supporting them to make informed choices about their future.