We have secured £247.7 million for Dorset through competitive bids for UK Government and European funding. Projects benefiting from this investment bring long-term economic growth to the region and support the continued development of Dorset as a prosperous and attractive place to live and work.

We have invested in exciting projects to support the creation of jobs, houses and economic growth in Dorset.

The scope and impact of our work is broad and ranges from infrastructure improvements (transport and digital) to investment in education, tourism, research facilities and business/employment space. The projects deliver long term growth and prosperity, more jobs and housing to the region, and underpin Dorset's ongoing resilience and economic development.

Funding allocation

The majority of projects are funded through the government's Local Growth Fund via a £98.5 million growth deal for Dorset. Major investment projects Dorset Innovation Park, Dorset Gateway and the Dorset Careers Hub.

Applying for funding

The Local Growth Fund secured as part of Dorset's Growth Deal has now been fully allocated. However, any savings made on those projects will be made available for reallocation through our Project Pipeline - should this happen, calls for submissions will be shared on our website and social media. Alternative funding is also available through our loan scheme, the Growing Places Fund

Alternative funding is also available from the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Our projects

Details of all projects benefitting from Dorset LEP investment - completed, ongoing and pre-contract - can be viewed on our website.

Dorset LEP's investment projects

All our projects - Local Growth Fund, Growing Places Fund, Getting Building Fund, Dorset Gateway and Dorset Innovation Park - are regularly reviewed by our Performance & Investment Committee. Project updates including forward plans and a project dashboard containing financial information, progress and projected outputs and outcomes are included alongside the committee meeting minutes and papers.

Map of Dorset LEP projects