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Latest Dorset professional, science, technology and IT sector insights.

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Professional, Science, Technology and IT Dashboard

Professional Services, Science, Technology and IT are sectors with growing importance nationally with 3.6 million people employed across England.

Whether you aspire to become a lawyer or solicitor, forge a career in consultancy or find a high-tech role in IT, these sectors are home to a variety of careers and the opportunities are set to grow further in the future with many high quality well paid jobs on our doorstep in Dorset.

Explore the interactive dashboard below – click on the occupation bars to reveal salary, automation and education trends. Download a copy of the Professional, Science and Technology and IT Dashboard.

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Sector Overview

The sectors are projected to have amongst the largest contribution to economic growth in the coming years and play an important role in recovery.

Having already grown by 64% over the past decade, Professional Services, Science, Technology and ICT contribute £1.8 billion (10%) to the Dorset economy and employ 32,000 people locally (10% of the employed workforce).

The growth has been particularly strong in legal & accounting activities (135%) and information & communication technology (80%).

Career Prospects

Within the sectors, most businesses are involved in computer programming and IT consultancy (1,750), head offices and management consultancy (1,760) and architectural and engineering activities (1,035).

The rate of technological progress has increased the labour demand for higher skilled roles. It is expected that in 2027, 60% of all employed in these sectors to be in managerial, professional and associate professional occupations. In parallel, there will also be notable demand in services considered lower skill – including personal and supporting activities, such as security and cleaning.

The vacancies advertised in the sector over 2019 showed that:

  • 38% of jobs were in professional occupations, such as Solicitors, Veterinarians, Programmers etc
  • 22% were in associate professional occupations, such as Legal and Marketing associates

Overall, half of the advertised vacancies required bachelor’s degrees and this proportion is set to increase.

Check the dashboard for latest occupations and skills in demand.

Explore Youth Employment UK for Legal, Finance and Accounting Jobs, and Creative and Design Jobs. Prospects is a website which has pathways and Career Prospects in Professional, Science, Technology and IT sectors.

Key Employers

There are around 7,000 businesses in Dorset involved in the sector, with 4,700 of these in professional services and 2,300 in ICT (UK Business Counts, 2019). While employers in the sector tend to be smaller organisations (e.g. solicitors and legal service firms, estates agents, smaller technology companies) with 95% employing 10 people or less, there are also large companies offering diverse corporate careers in Dorset.

The most actively recruiting employer is the global aerospace and marine company Cobham PLC with vacancies in a range of engineering, finance, quality and programming professional and associate professional occupations.

Check the dashboard for the employers currently hiring, or visit key employer websites below to find opportunities and learn more about their recruitment process:

Learning Opportunities

In 2018/19, there were c1,100 apprenticeship starts in ICT, with a further c1,280 starts in business, administration and law. The majority of these were advanced level apprenticeships.

Browse apprenticeship opportunities in digital, business and legal near you.