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Superfast Dorset - What is it?

Superfast Dorset is a partnership between BT, central Government and all Dorset District and Borough Councils that has the target of supplying 97% of Dorset with broadband coverage by 2018.

The project aims to fill in the gaps left by BT’s roll-out of fibre broadband so that the county benefits both socially and economically, preparing Dorset for a more digital future. 

How will fibre broadband benefit my business?

Superfast broadband opens doors, allowing business to grow and work in new ways:

  • Work from home. Work is something you do, not somewhere you go. A good broadband connection allows you to be productive in any location.
  • Work collaboratively. Communicate quickly and effectively. Video-conferencing and file-sharing means that you can reach people when you need them, wherever they are.
  • Work in real time. Fibre allows for hosted applications, reducing licensing costs. You can also say goodbye to annoying lags and pauses when transferring large files.
  • Discover new markets. A Superfast connection means that you can reach potential customers the world over. Even within the UK, it is estimated that shoppers spent £52 billion online in 2015.
  • Store data online. Store, back up and retrieve documents securely and easily, all without a single ring binder in sight.
  • Be on trend. A faster connection allows your business to monitor and react to the latest industry trends, making staying ahead of the competition easier than ever. 

How do I get it?

Step 1: Check if fibre is available at your location.

For the latest availability see:

If it’s not available yet then keep informed as to when fibre is available for your postcode by signing up for Superfast Dorset’s availability newsletter to tell you when it has arrived:

If you’ve checked and you’re not in Superfast Dorset’s plans, there are other solutions to fibre that you can consider. See their alternative solutions page here:

Step 2: Choose an internet service provider.

While Superfast Dorset provides the physical infrastructure, you must contact your internet service provider and ask them about fibre in order to take up a service. Remember to shop around as broadband prices can be very competitive. Comparison site U-switch has compiled a list of their top 10 business broadband packages, found here:

For more information about Superfast Dorset’s infrastructure project, visit:

The Dorset LEP is working in partnership with Superfast Dorset to deliver even faster speeds to more businesses and homes via Ultrafast Broadband.