Integrated Rehabilitation centre

Getting Building Fund allocation of £2,700,000 was awarded to AECC (UC) for the construction of an Integrated Rehabilitation Centre (IRC) in Boscombe.

Project Status - Completed

  • Start Date: November 2020
  • End Date: March 2022
  • Getting Building Fund allocation: £2,700,000
  • Awarded to: AECC UC

Project Summary:

Dorset LEP allocated £2,700,000 of the Getting Building Fund to AECC UC for the construction of an Integrated Rehabilitation Centre (IRC) in Boscombe.

Construction of an Integrated Rehabilitation Centre (IRC) located at the Garnet Campus, directly across the road from the main AECC UC campus in Boscombe. The state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre has built on AECC UC's health sciences educational portfolio as well as its current clinical services in radiology, musculoskeletal care, sport and exercise rehabilitation to deliver a greater breadth and range of services to local people in a new, more integrated way.

The combination of academic teaching and research, and the development of integrated clinical services in community and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, mental health and sports therapy and performance is unique in the south of England. This project has the potential to significantly enhance the health and welfare of the local population in Boscombe and Bournemouth East. 

Full project completion with the opening of the clinic is planned for September 2022.

Expected Outcomes (to be achieved by end of FY 24/25):

  • 15 new jobs created
  • £1,390,000 increase in turnover
  • 75 new learners assisted
  • Increase patient sessions by over 30,000
  • 10 businesses/institutions assisted

View our End of Project Report.

Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

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