We're proud of our county-wide achievements in Dorset's rural, coastal and city areas and are committed to sharing key information to all interested parties. Our Annual Report includes highlight projects and initiatives undertaken across our entire portfolio of activity in the financial year. 

To date, we have invested millions in over 70 capital projects, supported thousands of businesses and worked with over 70 schools and colleges from across the county with the ultimate aim of improving Dorset's economy and living standards.

Our annual reports showcase our work, key activities and achievements alongside a financial report for each financial year.  

Dorset LEP Annual Report 2020-2021

The report is a showcase of our work from April 2020 through to March 2021, highlighting our continued investment in the region including: Annual Report Cover 19/20

  • Local Growth Fund, Getting Building Fund and Growing Places Fund allocations have been used to invest in 73 projects in Dorset to date and we continue to deliver on time and on budget.
  • Our skills and careers offering continues to expand, our Dorset Careers Hub goes from strength to strength and we have produced major skills plans for the place.
  • Our business engagement growth hub, Dorset Gateway has signposted over 1,200 businesses during challenging times and continued to provide bid writing support and the peer networks programme.

Download a copy of the report here


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