growing places fund

Dorset LEP has been awarded £9.7m from central government's Growing Places Fund to support innovation, productivity, housing and job creation in Dorset. 

Our Growing Places Fund (GPF) provides short-term repayable loans to kick-start economic development projects across Dorset.  From investment in business parks, centres and offices to rail crossings and broadband, the GPF loan supports projects that might otherwise have stalled or not got off the ground in the first place.

View projects in Dorset benefiting from the Growing Places Fund

Apply for a Growing Places Fund loan 
We welcome loan applications from private sector businesses and public sector organisations operating in Dorset. Funding is available throughout the year and proposed projects must meet the following criteria:

  • The investment is capital, not revenue-based
  • 100% of the loan will be repaid within a maximum of five years from the award date
  • The minimum loan amount is £250,000
  • The investment is State Aid compliant
  • The project delivers benefits within the Dorset County area
  • The scheme supports the strategic priorities of Dorset LEP.

Read this outline document for more information about the Growing Places Fund, including details of the application and selection process. For more information you are welcome to contact:

Daniela Doncakova
Senior Programme Manager
T: 07802 721351