delivery plan

We have a long-term vision of what we believe is needed to underpin future local economic growth, increase productivity and build long term business resilience in the region.

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An economy worth £17 billion, a population approaching 800,000 and a business community of over 30,000 with the UK’s third largest finance sector, second fastest growth area for start-ups and the top area for high growth digital business – there is much to build on. However, with a persistent productivity gap and the oldest population in the UK leading to a potential vacancy replacement of over half our workforce in the next 15 years, there is much to do, particularly in a climate emergency, the impact of COVID-19 and establishing a new trade environment after the UK’s exit from the EU.

Delivery Plan 2020/21

Our Delivery Plan (business plan) sets out our ambition and priorities for 2020/21. It aligns to our recently completed Local Industrial Strategy and a wider suite of detailed economic reports that have helped us to better understand where Dorset LEP can really make a difference to our economy and business community.

Download and read our plans for 2020/21.