One Health 

‘One Health' is an approach to design and implement programmes and research in which multiple sectors communicate and work together to achieve better public health outcomes, recognising the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health in achieving this.

Since 2019 we've hosted the national One Health Conference. 

The Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership has set out an ambition to initiate a programme of work that will pave the way to making the UK a sustainable and commercial One Health powerhouse. Since 2019, DLEP has informed this ambition by gathering evidence on the need and design of this programme by running national conferences, industry showcases and interdisciplinary meetings.

Dorset’s Living Better Investment Prospectus which outlines four key themes of investment for the future of Dorset (Living, Wellbeing, Natural and Smart) all relate to the One Health ambition for a prosperous and healthy population.

The areas of work in which Dorset’s One Health approach is particularly relevant include:

  • Food-Tech: the design of sustainable, low carbon food technology (including sustainable agri-tech, aquaculture, and transformative food production solutions in farming, etc) that optimises food security and maximises the production of a good quality, safe and sustainable food supply for humans and animals.
  • Clean Growth-Tech: the design of commercial technologies that will help meet the UK’s Net Zero ambition by 2050. These can include innovations that reduce threats from biological and environmental hazards (including loss of biodiversity), or sustainably meet challenges faced by an ageing and/or growing UK/ global population. 
  • NATCAP: the design of commercial outcomes that sustainably prescribe/utilise existing natural capital assets as the means to increase entrepreneurial and social capital and improve the health and wellbeing of humans and animals through access to a sustained healthy environment.
  • Medical: the design, through a Living Lab and other health programmes, of new approaches and medical technologies to improve health outcomes, while taking environmental impact into account and seeking, where relevant, to tackle the threat of zoonotic diseases (e.g., COVID, etc) and antimicrobial resistance.



One Health Nucleus (OHN): is a One Health-focused Knowledge Exchange and innovator support service to deliver the following Operating Model:

  • Showcasing will promote existing companies operating in the One Health space, promote new OH entrepreneurs, and highlight the activities undertaken by the OHN. This activity raises the profile of the OHN and attracts interest in the OHN programme areas.
  • Seeding then aims to recruit new potential One Health entrepreneurs into the work programme areas of the OHN and to attract the support of mentors, private funders (VCs / Angels), academia, government and multiple agencies working in the business incubation and support space.
  • Resourcing will then ensure that each of these entrepreneurs can access the knowledge they need to incubate their businesses – i.e., access to data and supporting expertise.
  • Growing will be based around facilitating the development of an alumni programme, led by the entrepreneurs themselves and further supported by data and mentors to accelerate their business growth.
  • Clustering will be generated by facilitating ongoing business growth initiatives with networks of OHN alumni. Clusters in this context is both a virtual regional, national and internationally based network, as well as those businesses that operate in a single geographical location – i.e., from Dorset and close borders.

The 12-month OHN Pilot

The Dorset LEP Board agreed to participate in a 12-month OHN pilot project from which detailed recommendations can be developed on the efficacy and impact of the model. The pilot will be funded and resourced by BrooksKebbey Limited and overseen by Luke Rake (One Health LEP Board programme lead), CEO and Principal of Kingston Maurward.

The OHN pilot will work with a pipeline of innovators/entrepreneurs and innovation agencies to help accelerate the development of potential high growth companies in the One Health space, (with benefits back to Dorset, the region, and the UK).  One Health Nucleus uses this pilot service model: