Blackwater Junction & A338 Widening

A Local Growth Fund allocation of over £10 million has been awarded to Dorset Council for junction and road improvements.

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Project Status - Completed

  • Start Date: April 2017
  • End Date: May 2020
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £10,802,500
  • Awarded to: Dorset Council
  • Part of the BIG Programme

Project Summary:

The primary aim of this scheme is to improve journey times and journey time reliability for vehicles passing through this historically congested interchange. Provision of safer and more reliable journeys, in turn provides more efficient access, helping to support continued economic growth across the area.

The first phase of this prooject was the widening of road at Blackwater East, this is now completed. Blackwater Auxillary Lane, widening and slip road improvements started 3 Sept 2018 and works completed at the end of June 2019.

Blackwater West, which is the final element of the scheme is now also complete.

The works, delivered by BCP Council and Dorset Council, started in July 2019 and have focused on easing congestion, improving traffic flow and connectivity and increasing journey time reliability at the busy Blackwater West junction on the A338/B3073.  The works included:

  • Improvements to the A338 off slip
  • The construction of a new and more efficient A338 on slip
  • Increased junction capacity by widening the road on both sides to create an additional lane
  • Installation of new islands and traffic lights
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities
  • Three-metre-wide cycle and footpath facility improvements on the B3073
  • Resurfacing the whole junction
  • Installation of a noise fence and landscaping

The entire project was completed in May 2020.

View the Blackwater Junction & A338 Widening End of Project Report.

Contact Details:

Dorset LEP
Rosie Macnamara, Programme Manager

Blackwater Junction & A338 Widening