business resilience programme

The Business Resilience Programme from Dorset LEP and Smith & Williamson will help Dorset-based businesses develop strategies and plans to managing cash flow now and in coming months so they’re in a position to continue trading as the UK emerges from the crisis.

The Business Resilience Programme is fully funded through Dorset Gateway, Dorset LEP’s business growth hub - part of the national Growth Hub network - providing an informed and bespoke service, free to any Dorset-based businesses looking for help to source appropriate available solutions for growth and development.

The programme was delivered between September and October through a series of five themed webinars, supported by funded 1-2-1 business consultancy. Recordings of each session are available for you to view below.

Webinar 1: Planning for the future: Trading out of COVID-19

  • Product, project and service profitability: How do you pivot your business to maximise return?
  • Cashflow and business modelling: Business restructuring as you continue to trade and seek to establish the new 'normal'
  • The impact of your staffing decisions on the business: Office vs remote working, redundancy vs restructuring and redeployment
  • Customer fulfilment and supply chain

Webinar 2: Customers and suppliers – are you doing your due diligence?

  • Who are your customers? Do you have a reliable supply chain?
  • Sourcing from overseas vs UK, what to do and what to avoid
  • Bad debt; payment terms and supplier contracts
  • Talking to your customers; marketing is more important than ever!

Webinar 3: Cash continues to be king

  • Cash-flow: What should you be thinking about?
  • Tax planning and business restructuring to maximise cash-flow
  • Understanding your management accounts: How to run your business based on fact not hunch

Webinar 4: Viable jobs, remote working, redundancies: What should you be thinking about now?

  • Your staffing options explained
  • How to factor the financial impact of staffing decisions into your cash-flow
  • Managing change: How to make tough HR decisions whilst minimising risk both in the short and long term.

Webinar 5: Investing for growth to ensure future sustainability

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity / Venture Capital investment
  • Equity Investment Scheme.