Connected Dorset Advisory Group

Connected Dorset Advisory Group

The Connected Dorset Advisory Group is a sub-group of the Strategic Infrastructure Committee, with representation from businesses, local authorities, transport suppliers and operators, as well as other interested organisations.  

Focused on transport and achieving efficient and reliable systems to improve transport in Dorset, the group brings together key partners to promote integrated, efficient and sustainable transport strategic priorities in the area. The group acts in an advisory capacity to the Strategic Infrastructure Committee and complements existing council meetings and sub-national groups that help define strategy and action around transport in Dorset. 

Meeting dates, papers and minutes

Upcoming meetings: 

  • 16 December 2021
  • 17 March 2022
  • 9 June 2022
  • 15 September 2022
  • 15 December 2022  

Copies of meeting documents are published below: