England has returned to plan A. 

The government has lifted the measures put in place under Plan B. This means:

  • Workers are no longer asked to work from home if they can. Employers should talk to their workers to agree arrangements to return to the workplace.
  • There is no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering. People are still advised to wear one in crowded and enclosed spaces where they may come into contact with people they do not normally meet.
  • Venues and events are no longer required by law to check visitors’ NHS COVID Pass. They can still choose to use the NHS COVID Pass on a voluntary basis.

How Plan A affects your business depends on a range of factors - including your business type, how it operates, the premises it operates from, the roles of your employees and the nature of contact with your customers. 

To ensure your workplace is COVID-19 secure for everyone - employees and customers - there will be a range of things you need to do.

Comprehensive guidance covering a full range of business types and workplace circumstances are available on

Opening businesses and venues

With so many variables, there's never going to be a one size fits all solution for everyone to open at the same time. has produced comprehensive sector-by-sector guidance to tell you what you can and cannot do under Plan A:

Opening businesses and venues

Making your business COVID-19 secure

Once again, has comprehensive information covering that. They've recognised that many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, such as an office, factory and fleet of vehicles, so there are 14 guides in total. Pick and mix the guides relevant to your business circumstances so you can take the necessary actions.  

Making your business Covid secure

Rapid COVID-19 testing (lateral flow) 

One in three people who have COVID-19 show no symptoms and can therefore spread it without knowing. Combatting COVID-19 requires us all to work together and that includes cooperating on measures to help contain the spread of the virus. 

Every adult in England is now able to book up to two lateral flow tests a week, in line with government guidelines, at one of Dorset's local test sites.

Regular, repeat testing is recommended to support people throughout the easing of lockdown and whilst vaccination is being rolled out. This will provide ongoing reassurance and, where positive cases are found, it helps break the chains of transmission.

Book your Rapid COVID-19 Tests through Public Health Dorset 

Communications support for employers

Public Health England (PHE) has produced a comprehensive Employer toolkit to assist in communicating measures to employees.  A range of downloadable content - from digital screens to employer briefing sheets - are available. 

Visit the PHE employer toolkit >>

Return to work guide for employers

Employees who have suffered long-covid complications as a result of having contracted COVID-19 may need a managed return to work.  Guidance from Occupational Health (OH) Professionals on how managers can support workers to get back to work with ongoing symptoms following COVID-19 infection and Long COVID.

Download the PDF >>