Defence BattleLab project

Defence battlelab

New office and workshop space for MOD innovation, collaboration and conferences.

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Project Status - Completed

  • Start Date: July 2020
  • End Date: March 2021
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £1,680,000
  • Awarded to: Dorset Council

Project Summary:

Dorset LEP invested £1.68 million towards the construction of a new Defence BattleLab, at Dorset Innovation Park Enterprise Zone in Wool. The investment has been matched by £3.1 million from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and £1.1 million from Dorset Council. 

Aiming to be operational by Autumn 2021, the new Defence BattleLab will provide 1100m2 new office space and 450mnew workshop space for MOD innovation, collaboration and conferences. It aims to create 91 new jobs and achieve a direct GVA of £4.8 million by 2025.

The centre will incorporate an Army BattleLab and will enable the MOD to work in collaboration with academic institutions, corporates and SMEs to develop new products and technologies with the potential to be commercialised.   

Dorset boasts of a particularly strong defence sector and is home to many MOD establishments, such as the Army’s Armoured Trial and Development Unit in Bovington, the Royal Corps of Signals training centre in Blandford, and the training area at Lulworth Cove which is used by all elements of the UK’s Armed Forces.

Dorset Innovation Park, Dorset's only economic development site with Enterprise Zone status, is developing to be an advanced engineering cluster of excellence for the South West, building on its strengths in marine, defence, energy and cyber-security. 

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Contact Details:

Dorset LEP
Laura Zisa-Swann, Programme Manager
Tel: 07708 510464

Defence BattleLab