Dorset labour market insights august 2020

Latest insights into Dorset's labour market 

Despite it being a very unusual summer, Dorset’s labour market in August has followed previous years’ trends of peaking at the end of the season before the temporary dip in demand expected in September as schools re-open, people return to offices and beer gardens become wetter.

Open the dashboard below to explore latest labour market developments with a particular reference to the evolving impact of COVID-19. Read our Labour market insights commentary August 2020 which includes ways in which the 'new normal' is affecting how we work and the jobs in demand. This complements our observations of the Labour market general trends August 2020 including latest research on work and employment, young people achievements and the future of workplaces. All our insights should be read in conjunction with the Understanding LMI during COVID-19 guidance on issues related to interpreting these labour market statistics.