exporting for growth

There are a range of national and regional exporting services.

The Department for International Trade

With over 2,400 staff across 100 key global markets, no other organisation is better equipped to help connect your business overseas. There are many events and training session hosted by the DIT which you can find here.

Through the DIT you can gain access to an abundance of services to help you with all aspects of your export strategy. Whether you are a first-time exporter or if you want to find new markets, the DIT is here to help. 

The DIT has experienced international trade advisers who will act as your guide to help develop your international business strategy, as well as events, market research, training, webinars, trade shows and market visits; your journey will not be alone!

DIT services can open doors overseas to help you:

  • Identify export opportunities
  • Reach customers/business partners otherwise not accessible
  • Overcome barriers to market entry or expansion
  • Access powerful research to inform key decisions
  • Create and grow overseas marketing and digital strategy
  • Give you access to the overseas business network
  • Ensure you are equipped to deal with cultural and language differences

If you are a First Time Exporter (FTE), the DIT can provide the following services:

If you are an SME already exporting, the following can help your export strategy:

The DIT has helped thousands of local businesses get started in export or to grow their international trade activity.

Find international opportunities for your business here.

For more information contact the DIT South West regional office:

Tel: 01275 370 944

Email: DITsw@mobile.trade.gov.uk

Chambers of Commerce and Industry

You can view the site for the local Chambers of Commerce and Industry here.

To view events by the British Chambers of Commerce.

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The South West Growth Fund

The fund of £8.7m is a constituent part of the South West Growth Programme, a £10m allocation from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF) introduced to rebalance the UK economy away from over-reliance on the public sector.

You can find out more here.

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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

EEN brings together 600 network partner organisations, in more than 60 countries to help business and organisations. EEN is funded by the European Commission and Innovate UK and provides a fully funded advice and support programme.

EEN is a platform to form links to potential European and international stakeholders, partners and/or collaborators whether that be for funding, technology, knowledge transfer or to explore commercial and/or reciprocal opportunities. 

There is support available to organisations seeking advice on the competitive funding opportunities and assistance in identifying research and development grants that businesses may be eligible for, in addition to providing critique and feedback on funding applications prior to submission. When seeking project partners for collaborative R&D funding bids, there is also assistance via EEN and this sometimes involves the UK's National Contact Points for specialist insight.

Programmes supported include Innovate UK and collaborative European opportunities such as Horizon 2020, including SME Instrument and Eurostars.  

For further information contact: eensw@businesswest.co.uk