gillingham growth

Transport infrastructure improvements to support the housing and employment urban extension of Gillingham.

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Project Status - Ongoing

  • Start Date: 01/12/2018
  • End Date: 31/03/2021
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £3,527,227
  • Awarded to: Dorset County Council (now Dorset Council)

Project Summary

Local Growth Fund allocated to deliver a package of transport improvement schemes within Gillingham town centre. These schemes aim to unlock and deliver the development of up to 1800 houses and 2500 jobs.


Infrastructure works include:

  • Shaftesbury Road/New Road junction improvement
  • Newbury/Le Neuborg Way junction improvement
  • SCOOT installation on 5 junctions along the B3081/B3092 corridor
  • Sustainable transport improvements – walking, cycling links between the development, station, town centre
  • The Enmore Green Link Road could be designed up and made ready for submission to other government bidding opportunities
  • Public realm improvements that will enhance the High Street (enhanced carriageway, footways, street lights, etc)


  • No. of housing units: Up to 1,800 
  • Unlocked employment land (Hectares): 9
  • No. of permanent, paid full time equivalent jobs: Up to 2,500
  • Increased visitor numbers to the town

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Contact Details 

Dorset LEP
Daniela Doncakova, Programme Manager 
Tel: 07802 721351



Gillingham Growth