Institute for Medical Imaging and Visualisation

Local Growth Fund investment to develop an Institute for Medical Imaging and Visualisation at Bournemouth University.

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Project Status - Completed

  • Start Date: January 2019
  • End Date: March 2020
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £1,401,275
  • Awarded to: Bournemouth University

Project Summary

Local Growth Funding has been invested in the development of an Institute for Medical Imaging and Visualisation (including for Prosthetics & Cybernetics) at Bournemouth University. The institute brings together stakeholders from research, education, high value medical industries, the creative industries and healthcare services to form a suite of programmes and research that provides for and serves high skilled technical and medical roles within the region.

The institute is a hub for medical imaging technology and research development, in partnership with education, clinical practice and commercial partners. The aim of the institute is to enable an eco-system of research, research-led innovation and educational programmes, enhancements in clinical practice, and opportunities for the commercial development of related intellectual property, in order to act as a catalyst for regional economic development related to medical science.

Creation of the institute addresses the skills gap in higher level technical provision, particularly in STEM. The institute addresses social mobility by encouraging high level technical education, which subsequently provides local employers with skilled technicians, boosting productivity. The institute will also contribute to new medical product and intellectual property developments and house the research capacity for the next wave of 3D medical imaging development, informing the capability needs of industry, the healthcare sector and of technical education.

The Institute of Medical Imaging and Visualisation has been operational since June 2021 and there will be an official launch in September 2021.

View the End of Project Report.

Contact Details 

Dorset LEP
Nimisha Loveridge, Programme Manager 
Tel: 07864 966357

Institute for Medical Imaging and Visualisation