Labour market and skills research

Latest insights on the changing labour market and skills landscape assisting educators, employers, job seekers, young people and their parents in making informed decisions.

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Our vision is for a high-skilled workforce addressing the demand of the local employers, economy and priority sectors.

The latest Dorset labour market insights featured here can help you identify opportunities, make informed career decisions and fulfil your potential in Dorset.

Dorset labour market insights

Access our monthly dashboards with latest labour market statistics and commentary, monitoring the impact of COVID-19 in Dorset. Dashboards will be produced monthly until the end of 2020.

Key Industry Dashboards

Dorset Skills Research

This deep dive into the labour market in Dorset explores the skills demand and supply within our local economy. The work follows government skills advisory panel best practice and aims to inform the delivery of skills and support economic growth, while also facilitating the implementation of the People aspirations outlined in our Local Industrial Strategy.

Read the Summary of Dorset Research and Skills Evidence Base.

Underpinning this summary is the complete Dorset People and Skills Strategy Evidence Base. Please note that this analysis was largely undertaken prior to the coronavirus pandemic and is currently under review. Dorset LEP's more recent insights on coronavirus and its impact on Dorset and its people can be found within COVID and the labour market in Dorset.

Dorset 2020 Employer Skills Survey

Our Dorset 2020 Employer Skills Survey reached out to employers to understand their skills and workforce needs and identify local skills gaps that are setting back their ambitions to grow and innovate in Dorset.

Labour Market Information Fact Sheets

The labour market factsheets covering key employment sectors in Dorset provide information about key employers, example careers, skills required, expected earnings and future demand and are a useful resource for students exploring their future career options in Dorset.