The Government's National Industrial Strategy sets out long-term economic and investment priorities for the UK. It aims to boost productivity by helping businesses create good jobs and increase wages with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure. 

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The Industrial Strategy is structured around five foundations of productivity (Ideas, People, Infrastructure, Business Environment and Places); it also identifies four grand challenges (Artificial Intelligence & Data Economy, Clean Growth, Future of Mobility, and Ageing Society) focusing on the global trends that will transform our future.


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Dorset's Local Industrial Strategy

In December 2018 the Government asked Dorset LEP to help deliver this strategy by developing a Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) for Dorset. Working in close collaboration with local businesses, organisations, BCP Council and Dorset Council, Dorset’s LIS will be a twenty-year plan to increase productivity, innovation, earnings and well-being across the county, delivering on an ambition to create a local economy that is sustainable, innovative, resilient and inclusive.

Progress to date

1. Working group

We have set up a working group that is overseeing the development of the LIS. It meets on a monthly basis and includes Dorset LEP Board members and other key stakeholders from local businesses and organisations.

2. Reports

Over the last two years, we have produced a series of economic reports and visionary documents which tell the story of Dorset’s economic successes, specific challenges and ambitions to date alongside steps needed to boost our productivity and increase our contribution to UK plc. Written in collaboration with the private and public sector, they collectively provide a solid foundation for developing our Local Industrial Strategy: 

Dorset Horizon 2038 - A Vision for Growth 

Statement of Intent

Dorset's Economic Ambition 

Ambition and Vision for Dorset

Rural Productivity Commission Report

Dorset Productivity Scorecard

DLEP response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy green paper  

3. Consultation

Since the start of 2019, we have grown our evidence base through submissions from a range of local economic development stakeholders in the public, private and voluntary sectors. This has included data sets, research papers, surveys and strategies highlighting the importance of innovation, future growth of industries, technologies and skills.

In April we held public consultation events across the county enabling businesses and stakeholders to input and influence the development of Dorset’s LIS. As we develop our emerging thinking, we will continue to test this with businesses and other partners during 2019. 

At our annual business conference, we launched an initial economic position paper detailing emerging priorities in the development of Dorset's LIS. 

Listen to local young, working and retired people's views on Dorset's economic challenges and opportunities here

Get involved

We welcome your views on Dorset's economy as we continue to develop our LIS. Send your insight to DorsetLEP@bournemouth.ac.uk.


  • The first draft of Dorset’s LIS  will be tested in Dorset and with Government in Autumn 2019. 
  • Dorset's Local Industrial Strategy will be launched in January 2020.