Dorset local skills report

Dorset’s go-to evidence base for local skills insights, priorities, success stories and initiatives.

Executive Summary

Developed by Dorset’s Skills Advisory Panel and Board (now the Dorset Skills Board) and coordinated by Dorset LEP with extensive partnership support and intelligence gathering, the Dorset Local Skills Report is the evidence base for local skills insights and initiatives.

The report offers a reflection on Dorset’s skills journey to date and outlines the strategic direction of travel that will enable people, businesses, and communities in our county to build back, to aspire, thrive and prosper going forwards. 

A comprehensive Annex of Indicators summarising the key metrics.


Drawing on our regional skills and labour market strengths, challenges and ambitions, this report aims to act as a springboard for future engagements, creative partnerships and conversations, where a diversity of voices from across the skills spectrum are heard, including employers, educators, learners and policy makers. It offers a wealth of insights and ideas for use by any individual or organisation with an interest in skills development in Dorset.

For insights and information post 2022, do follow the link to the Local Skills Improvement Plan. The Dorset Local Skills Improvement Plan (Dorset LSIP) is a three-year Dorset-wide review of skills provision against the current and future needs of businesses, funded by Department of Education (DfE). It aims to identify, and provide recommendations on, the skills and training provision which Dorset employers need to grow and develop their businesses now and in the future.


Dorset Local Skills Report 2021 

Dorset Local Skills Report 2021 Annex of Indicators

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