20 June 2022

New careers guidance programme launches In Dorset

New careers guidance programme launches In Dorset

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is working in partnership with Education Development Trust to deliver a new careers guidance programme funded via the Effective Transition Fund.

The Dorset Marvels programme will test approaches on how providing long-term targeted careers guidance in Key Stage 4 can enable students to transition to, and sustain, engagement in a high-quality post-16 destination.

Emerging evidence reveals that younger workers and those young people about to enter the labour market are among those most affected by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the labour market. There is a growing concern that these young people are falling out of the education, employment or training systems and therefore preventative support is required for those most at risk.

Education Development Trust’s careers advisers will deliver quality careers guidance, employability support and work-related learning via fortnightly interventions to around 130 young people, across ten schools in Dorset and BCP council areas. The programme will run from June 2022 whilst students are in year 10, until February 2024, to ensure that each student is settled into their post 16 destination.

Bespoke support will be provided to each student to help them increase their motivation and confidence and overcome any barriers they may face in achieving a successful transition to a high-quality post-16 destination.

Education Development Trust are encouraging any employers based in Dorset, who could support students to experience the world of work, to contact the programme Relationship Manager, Wendy Phillips at dorsetmarvels@educationdevelopmenttrust.com or connect with Wendy via Linked In at https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendy-phillips-44015612b/

Mark De Backer, Deputy Director (Young People) Employability & Careers at Education Development Trust, commented:

“The transition point from Year 11 to post 16 is a critical one, decisions made strongly influencing the career direction these young people will take. Good careers guidance, with regular review and support, has the power to help young people make informed choices and understand the changing labour market. Combined with having the opportunity for high quality work experience, a known reducer of unemployment, we believe will provide the best chance of success for the young people taking part in the programme”.

Rebecca Davies, Head of Enterprise, Skills and Industry, Dorset LEP, commented:

“This project will support young people across Dorset achieve positive outcomes with tailored interventions and professional careers advice and guidance on a consistent basis. With many young people coping with challenges in education, we aim to target those in need and offer intensive support that will raise aspirations and provide a stepping-stone for their future career.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, please contact us on dorsetmarvels@educationdevelopmenttrust.com



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Photo: Dorset Marvels Programme Managers Janek Tarnawski and Wendy Phillips

Dorset LEP

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership is a business led private and public sector partnership, promoting local economic growth and prosperity. Dorset LEP deliver projects that support and develop infrastructure, housing, skills, enterprise and business growth to achieve long-term economic benefit for all in Dorset.

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For over two decades, Education Development Trust has been designing, pioneering, and delivering excellence in the provision of careers and employability advice and guidance.

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Dorset Careers Hub

Dorset Careers Hub is rolling out the national Careers and Enterprise Company programme. It is led by Dorset LEP, in partnership with BCP Council and Dorset Council. Dorset Careers Hub shapes the future talent available to the Dorset economy by promoting growth industries and accurate economic information to schools and colleges, and by giving young people the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways with the wide variety of exciting business and career pathways available to them in the county. For more information visit the Dorset Careers Hub website - https://www.dorsetcareershub.co.uk/

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