22 February 2022

One Health 2022: Sustainable Agri-innovation and Foodtech

Close up picture of seaweed growing

Kingston Maurward College
Thursday, 10 March 2022; 08:30 - 15:00

The annual One Health conference is a chance to showcase new innovations in One Health sectors and bring together government, academics and businesses to facilitate action.

The theme for this year’s event is sustainable Agri-innovation and Foodtech.

In a rapidly changing climate, traditional agricultural methods will not be enough to achieve food security for a growing population. The need to balance safe and welfare conscious production of livestock and crops - whilst lowering our carbon footprint and sustainably maintaining human and environmental health - has never been more stark. To meet these challenges, innovation is essential.

One Health 22 will showcase national and international agri-innovation and food technologies that can help provide sustainable, commercial solutions to these global problems. We'll also launch Dorset's One Health Nucleus Pilot, explore the next steps for the South West AgriTech Positioning Paper and learn about the Dorset Coast Forum's work to define an Aquaculture Innovation Hub for England.

We'll also highlight opportunities for financing innovation and ways to support, develop and promote innovative talent in the One Health space.

For further details and to register a place please visit our One Health 22 event page.

For further information about Dorset’s One Health ambitions and our work in this area please visit our One Health page

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