26 March 2021

One Health Conference 2021 launches One Health Nucleus

One Health Conference 2021 launches One Health Nucleus

The national One Health Conference 2021: Big Ideas in One Health took place virtually on Wednesday 24 March, showcasing the best and brightest in ‘one health’ innovation – in Dorset, nationally and internationally.

Thank you to all who attended, the inspirational keynote speakers and industry showcasers from the UK and overseas.

This was the third national conference funded and delivered by Dorset LEP on the concept of ‘one health’ which is the interconnection between humans, animals and the environment. Dorset LEP believes this concept is key to future economic, social and environmental success in Dorset as it plays to the county’s key strengths. In practice, this means the accelerated development of one health products and services.

During the event, Dorset LEP announced the ambition of the One Health Nucleus. This is to be a knowledge exchange and support network for one health innovators, supporting start-ups to large companies to establish, stabilise and grow. These companies will be carbon-neutral or carbon-reducing, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Lorna Carver, Dorset LEP Director, said: “I see the One Health Nucleus as a national resource, and in time an international resource, that leverages Dorset and its partners’ abundant strategic, academic and industrial know-how.”

To achieve this, Dorset LEP needs:

  1. Evidence of need from industry, academia and strategic partners willing to support the idea of the One Health Nucleus
  2. The willingness of those organisations to have an exploratory discussion and partner with Dorset LEP on the design of the Nucleus
  3. Funding – which Dorset LEP and partners will seek to find

As a platform to discuss this ambition, Dorset LEP formally announced the One Health Sandpit Event, taking place on Wednesday 12 May 2021, 1pm to 4pm.

To help Dorset LEP shape the One Health Nucleus will be giving one health businesses the tools to progress. The event will be an opportunity to explore funding options from, for example, Research England or the long-awaited New Prosperity Fund.

Register for the One Health Sandpit Event

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