07 November 2023

Request for Quotations - Due Diligence provider

Request for Quotations - Due Diligence for Funding

Growing Places Fund is designed to unlock capital projects which have a significant economic impact and the potential to increase innovation & productivity, create jobs & housing and deliver tangible economic outcomes. The fund may also be used where businesses are unable to access alternative funding mechanisms for viable schemes that will deliver economic growth and support Dorset LEP’s strategic objectives.

In order to comply with the requirements of our Assurance Framework, we are seeking an Independent Advisor to undertake due diligence reviews of detailed business information as part of the Growing Places Fund loan application process. With a contract to start in late December, we are keen to secure a provider who will develop an appropriate due diligence review process working with Dorset LEP, undertake a detailed review of the loan application submission and support the Executive team and Board decision making with the due diligence findings.

Full details of the opportunity are in this documentation.

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