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The Port of Poole Programme consists of six transport schemes to improve access into and around the Port of Poole. The investment will help drive local economic growth and bring an anticipated £500 million of leveraged private investment into the area.

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Project Status - Completed

  • Start Date: April 2015
  • End Date: December 2017 
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £8.016 million 
  • Awarded to: Borough of Poole Council (now BCP Council)
  • Part of the Port of Poole Programme

Project Summary

Poole Bridge is the older of the two bridges which provide vehicular access to the Port of Poole. The lifting bridge was opened in 1927. It spans the busy, narrow Backwater Channel between Poole Harbour and Holes Bay to the north. It forms part of the A350 and provides a direct road link between Poole town centre and the suburb of Hamworthy. It is a critical element of the local road network providing access to the busy and growing commercial port.


  • Demolishing the existing reinforced concrete decks and their supporting steel beams.
  • Replacing new decks and their supporting infrastructure.
  • Widening the approach roads and spans to accommodate a wider carriageway (6.5 metres), allowing wider vehicles to pass each other more easily.
  • Creating 2.5-metre-wide footways on either side to aid the safe movement of pedestrians.


View the End of Project report here.


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