Our vision is that by 2033 Dorset will be one of Britain’s most sustainable core city-regions. Its competitiveness will be driven by innovation."

Our vision for Dorset sets out our picture of what the economy could look like in 2033. This can be delivered by focusing on a number of high-level elements helping to increase the productivity of Dorset:

Dorset’s Strategic Economic Vision document sets out Dorset’s key sectors,their contributions to our economy (numbers employed and quality), as well as a series of actions for each of these sectors that will develop new opportunities for growth.

The following sectors are important to Dorset and provide high-value jobs:

  • Advanced engineering & manufacturing
  • Financial services and insurance

The following sectors are high-value sectors with growth potential:

  • Agri-tech
  • Creative industries

The strategic economic vision for Dorset takes into account published reports and other information, including a key sectors report, as well as a wide-ranging consultation of stakeholders from the public and private sectors.  It is supported by a comprehensive evidence-base summarising existing research on the state of Dorset's economy, updating and enhancing it where necessary, using the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and other Government sources, as well as economic forecasting data.