making an impact in Dorset

Dorset is a county with tremendous opportunities. We are passionate about driving economic growth & productivity, attracting funding & investment, supporting businesses and developing skills, employment and career opportunities for all.

To date, all of our capital investments have generated £119 million for Dorset - by 2025 we expect to have transformed that into £1.55 billion.

Through our capital investment programme we have created 2,444 new homes, 4,660 new jobs, 23,109sqm of learning space and 216,231sqm of commercial space, impacting communities across the county. We have supported over 3,000 businesses, generated over £1.5 million of innovation funding through our bid writing support and have one of the most successful careers hubs in the country - which continues to outperform the national average in facilitating careers education, working with 78 schools and colleges, universities, training providers, employers and careers professionals. 

Take a look at our history, key achievements and milestone moments below.

Dorset Gateway is Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership’s growth hub. The team is there to help businesses across Dorset find the right advice, support and funding to enable them to grow and prosper. 

We've already supported over 3,000 businesses in the region and are funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, so these services are free to any Dorset based businesses seeking help - contact the team today!

Our ambition for Dorset is that by 2038, Dorset’s workforce will be highly productive, aspirational and agile so that the talents of all contribute to prosperity, well-being and innovation. What we do:

  • Bring employers, schools and colleges together to transform careers education
  • Provide the latest insights on the changing labour market and skills landscape assisting educators, employers, job seekers, young people and their parents in making informed decisions 
  • Develop skills strategy including the Dorset Skills Report - the region’s go-to evidence base for local skills insights, priorities, success stories and initiatives.

Visit our Investing in Skills pages to find out how you can get involved.