University Centre and Rural Business Hub

The University Centre and Rural Business Hub at Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester, will step up skills and business capability in rural Dorset.

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Project Status - Ongoing

  • Start Date: October 2020
  • End Date: March 2022
  • Getting Building Fund allocation: £3.5 million
  • Awarded to: Kingston Maurward College

Project Summary:

Dorset LEP has allocated £3.5 million of the Getting Building Fund to Kingston Maurward College, who will match fund £1.7 million, for a flagship university centre and rural business hub.

The hub will enhance higher education opportunities for young people in rural Dorset and enable growth for small rural businesses.

This is a new anchor point for university education in rural Dorset within the rural business and agri-environment fields. The development will allow the delivery of both rural business support and growth potential alongside potential business incubation units focusing on agri-environment delivery.

Contact Details:

Dorset LEP

Nimisha Loveridge, Programme Manager


Tel: 07864 966357

University Centre and Rural Business Hub