Virtual Work Experience

Work experience gives young people a chance to develop skills and confidence, learn how organisations work, and find out which local industries and career paths they want to pursue.

In a normal year 7,500 14 and 15 year olds across Dorset would take part in up to one week of work experience, and evidence shows this is very important in helping young people think about their futures and make good decisions about work and further study.

Of course, this is not a normal year and due to COVID-19 nearly all face-to-face work experience has been cancelled.

Dorset Careers Hub has partnered with Speakers for Schools, a national online platform, to address this serious issue, and provide online work experience to up to 3,000 young people in Dorset.

To achieve this we need your help.

We need businesses who can volunteer a total of between two and five days between now and July (from one staff member, or shared by several staff) and want to make a difference for young people in Dorset.

This video provides more detail:

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