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Public Trade office

Getting Building Fund allocation of £950,000 has been awarded to Poole Harbour Commissioners to provide a new Public Trade Office facility.

Project Status - Completed

  • Start Date: November 2020
  • End Date: June 2021
  • Getting Building Fund allocation: £950,000
  • Awarded to: Poole Harbour Commissioners

The Port of Poole has been identified as an important economic asset within the Dorset economy and therefore trade must continue between Poole and the European Union in light of the UK becoming a separate sovereign nation.

Dorset LEP has allocated £950,000 of the government's Getting Building Fund to build a Public Trade Office to be operated by Border Force.

A Public Trade Office facility will be instrumental in retaining the Port’s commercial viability, and will enable efficient and effective processing of freight between the European Union and the Port of Poole.

The new facility is now operational.

View the End of Project report.

Expected Outcomes: 

  • 9 jobs created
  • 480m2 commercial floor space created
  • 115 jobs safeguarded
  • Attract 5 new businesses (trades) into Dorset area (1 business annually)
  • £500,000 annual private leveraged investment
  • 9000 kg of Co2 emissions avoided
  • 14 businesses/institutions assisted

Public Trade Office


Public Trade Office

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