Dorset SMART PLACE investment plan

5G technology is the future of wireless technology in the UK. Dorset Smart Place Investment Plan is an opportunity for Dorset to attract a significant amount of funding to lead this connectivity revolution.

Project Status - Completed

  • Start Date: May 2020
  • End Date: March 2021
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £380,000
  • Awarded to: BCP Council


£380,000 of Local Growth Fund allocation was awarded to BCP Council to create a Dorset Smart Place Investment Plan. The strategy will be used to attract significant inward investment for Dorset of up to £1 billion in new digital connectivity and technologies.

Dorset Smart Place Investment Plan includes assessments of business models, costings for implementations and management, potential public service cost savings and full evaluations of economic, social and health benefits.

The plan also provides evidence to support bids for further major government investment.

This project was launched to support Dorset Smart Place Pilot, full details of this project can be found on our website.

View the full Dorset Smart Place Investment Plan End of Project Report.

Contact Details

Dorset LEP
Laura Zisa-Swann, Programme Manager
Tel: 07708 510464

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