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Innovation Suite for specialist digital and clean digital fabrication equipment and a collaborative work/social space.

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Project Status - Ongoing

  • Start Date: October 2020
  • End Date: March 2021
  • Local Growth Fund allocation: £230,000
  • Awarded to: Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)

Project Summary

The Innovation Suite project will use £230,000 in Dorset LEP Local Growth Fund allocation and £65,000 in Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) match funding to create a new suite within the Innovation Studio, another Dorset LEP project currently being built at AUB.

The project will refurbish an existing administrative space to create a 280m2 Innovation Suite for collaborative work/social space and specialist digital and clean digital fabrication equipment supplied by the Innovation Resources project.

The Innovation Suite will be dedicated workshop and digital fabrication equipment space that will be used by local businesses, start-ups, CPD delivery and post graduate students working in the innovative creative, cultural, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

The Innovation Suite is expected to be operational in June 2021.

Predicted outcomes: 

  • 15 Jobs created/safeguarded
  • 45 Enterprises receiving non-financial support
  • £1.3m GVA by FY 2025, £4.5m by FY 2027
  • 8m2 Learning Space Refurbished

Innovation Studio AUB


Contact details:

Dorset LEP
Nimisha Loveridge, Programme Manager 
Tel: 07864 966357

Arts University Bournemouth
Tel: +44 1202 533 011



Innovation Suite