Dorset Investment prospectus

Building a future where everyone living, working and studying in Dorset will be living better.

In 2021 Dorset LEP and our partners developed the Dorset Living Better investment prospectus for Dorset - an investment portfolio that will enable investors to easily discover the unique opportunities Dorset has to offer.

This investment prospectus sets out an investment portfolio over the next two to ten years to inspire confidence and growth in Dorset's economy, particularly from private investors.

Attention focussed on the immediate responses to COVID-19 as well as longer term economic recovery, set in the context of an economic landscape shaped by the UK’s new global position to secure a prosperous future for all with solutions that meets the challenges of climate change and future health.

From Dorset's growing city region to the county's globally-recognised coastal and rural landscapes, there is untapped potential to inspire, excite and lead in equal measure. It’s been a challenging time, but that challenge can be turned into an opportunity to accelerate recovery for Dorset that reaches all local communities and puts Dorset at the centre of a global recovery.

The Dorset Living Better investment prospectus builds on four areas of existing portfolio strengths – Living, Natural, Smart and Wellbeing. You can review the investments we have made in each of these four areas to date using the links below. You can review the opportunities in our full Dorset Living Better investment prospectus as well as our Executive Summary. 

For external resources for each area, click on the links below:

Through the Dorset Living Better investment prospectus, we know our region can be at the forefront of tackling some of humanity’s biggest challenges, pioneering new approaches to healthy ageing, food production and climate change. This can be achieved while protecting and enhancing our world-class environment, so we remain a premier destination to live, work, visit and learn.

Please email us at if you would like to find out more about any element of the prospectus.

Dorset Living Better investment prospectus