Dorset Investment prospectus

Building a future where everyone living, working and studying in Dorset will be living better.

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Dorset LEP is developing an Investment Prospectus for Dorset - an investment portfolio that will really make investors sit up and discover the opportunities Dorset has to offer.

Dorset’s Investment Prospectus will set out an investment portfolio over the next two to ten years to inspire confidence and growth in our economy, particularly from private investors.

Our attention needs to focus on both immediate responses to COVID-19 as well as longer term economic recovery, set in the context of an economic landscape shaped by the UK’s new global position, to secure a prosperous future for all with solutions that meets the challenges of climate change and our future health, head on.

We and our partners want to face the future with a clear vision of how to stretch the region’s economic ambition. We are building a 2030 vision where everyone living, working and studying in Dorset will be living better.

To ensure the Dorset Investment Prospectus has the best possible investment portfolio, we've asked Dorset’s future-looking organisations to help us establish the big ideas that have the potential to become reality and really make a difference in the next 10 years.

These great investment ideas which may, or may not, require additional funds and we are particularly focused on opportunities of at least £1 million total value (we are not capping an upper ceiling) and which align with our aims for Dorset and focus on:

  • The Dorset Lifestyle
  • Inspired thinking
  • Naturally creative
  • Enabling business
  • A role model for recovery.

Submissions were closed in early November 2020 and we are now compiling the information provided. Not all submissions will have all the details fully refined in their investment plans, especially where they may be at a larger scale and into the medium/longer term. At this stage, we are interested in getting behind those opportunities that will have a transformative effect for people, businesses and places across Dorset - those ideas that are worth investing in, public or private, and realise a financial, economic, social and/or environmental return.

Please note: current activity is not related to a specific funding call, but rather part of a rolling initiative by Dorset LEP to support new investment opportunities across the region. If you have a business idea that you need support for now – please go direct to our business growth hub, Dorset Gateway.