bid writing

This is an unprecedented time and public funding into research, development and innovation is available to support businesses and organisations.

Dorset LEP provides a fully funded, specialist bid writing support service to help more Dorset entrepreneurs, SME’s and projects access government funds to power their business growth, increase collaborations and drive innovation.   

Since its launch, the service has helped Dorset businesses and projects secure more than £1.7m of funding from the likes of Innovate UK. We have provided more than 1,300 hours of one-to-one support and engaged with more than 750 businesses through conferences, workshops and masterclasses.  

"To be offered the chance to take up the SMART grant is a significant step forward. We have, kept going for 5 years without any remuneration and it has been a struggle with patent payments etc., but now finally! We can't thank you enough for your expertise and guidance.”  - Alan Rallings, Founder,  Cyclopic 

“We have had Dorset LEP's Bid Service's help with Innovate UK grant applications and their support has always been very appreciated. Their bid writer's support has proved very useful and has previously helped us to successfully win a grant, so would recommend the service highly to any Dorset business.” - Sophie Godfrey, Aetha Design Studios Limited

For the latest information about Innovate UK funding, follow us on Linked In or visit the Innovation Funding Service from Innovate UK.

To apply for bid-writing support please complete our business enquiry form.